Straight Talk Wireless Coverage

How good is Straight Talk Wireless coverage? The answer varies upon your geographical location:

    North East: Generally speaking, coverage is good. You might get some dead spots in the mountainous areas, but in the New England states, we rate it a 8/10.

    Midwest: The coverage is excellent to good. The only bad spots are very rural areas that are not serviced by normal cell phone towers. There are also the most working Straight Talk discounts available in the Midwest market.

    West: Excellent. Again, rural mountainous areas will have some spotty coverage, but for the most part the coverage is very good.

    South: Very good to good. The coverage in these areas can be spotty. The closer you are to a major city, the better the coverage.

Being that Straight Talk runs on various carriers networks such as AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and Tmobile, if one service is not very strong, the phone you are on automatically looks for another network. The only real limitation is the exact type of phone that you’re using. For example, GSM phones can be outdated and will not run properly on the LTE networks. If you want to see how good the coverage is, check out the various maps for Verizon and AT&T. The spots usually overlap making for excellent coverage.

However, if your phone runs on the Sprint network, you may be disappointed. By far Verizon has the best cell quality in America at the time of this article. Sprint lagged behind and didn’t introduce their LTE technology until late 2011. I had a Freedompop phone that runs on the Sprint network. It was a Galaxy S2, fully updated. I lived within 1 mile of a cell phone tower in Huntington Beach, California. The service was decent…but not great. The low quality came when I got in my car and attempted to make a phone call. As the call was passed from tower to tower, the real limitations of the Sprint network came into play.

Be sure to see what network the phone you’re planning on using with Straight Talk is running on. That is going to be the biggest indication of how good or bad the quality of the cell phone service is going to be. You can also visit the Straight Talk website and see the various coverage maps that they have.

So how good is Straight Talk Wireless? Again, this all depends on the type of phone that you’re using and the network it’s on, as well as your current geographical location. A good tip that people sometimes use is to head on over to a forum where you can chat with people from a certain geographical area. Usually these types of forums give the pros and cons of the cellular service in that area. They will tell you which cell phone providers are good and can answer any questions you may have regarding the Straight Talk wireless cellular service.

In conclusion, the factors that determine whether or not your service are good vary. You can’t pinpoint it on one single factor. This is why you need to perform the necessary due diligence in order to get the best possible network quality for your phone.