Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions that will help you along with your Straight Talk phone.

    1. Does Straight Talk Wireless offer coupons and promo codes?

    Yes, they do. In fact this is what makes them so unique. Many people have reported saving thousands of dollars every year by creatively finding ways to use the various Straight Talk promotional codes and discounts that Straight Talk allows you to use every month.

    2. Will the service roam when in America?

    No, it will not. Being that Straight Talk uses Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and Tmobile towers, you will never be without a cell phone signal again. There are no roaming charges in America.

    3. Can you send international texts with Straight Talk?

    Yes and no. With most normal phones you cannot send text messages internationally. If you are looking for that compatibility, you should check out Google Fi. However, there are certain phones such as the Samsung Galaxy Precedent and the LG Optimus Q which will allow for unlimited text message.

    4. Can you make calls from Hawaii and Puerto Rico from the Straight Talk phone?

    No, you cannot. You can only use the phone within the continental United States.

    5. How do you find your cell phone number?

    You can visit the website at Straight Talk to find your phone number, or you can use your phone to call a family member or friends phone and then ask them to look at the caller ID and they will be able to give you your phone number.

    6. My phone does not work, and I cannot place phone calls. What do I do?

    There can be several issues which could cause this to happen. Is your phone fully charged? Is the software on your phone updated? Is your account activated? Try visiting the FAQ page and see if you can troubleshoot this issue.

    7. What happens when your minutes run out?

    Your Straight Talk phone simply stops working. Think of your phone as a gas tank for a car. It needs gasoline to run, and your Straight Talk phone is the same way. Instead of using gasoline, your phone uses “minutes” which you can purchase directly from their website. You can use a credit or debit card to refill your account and top it off. Or you can opt for the $45/mo. unlimited talk and text plan they offer. For $45 you will get as many minutes and as many texts as you can use in a 30 day period. There is no limit. The only limit is the 5gigs of bandwidth (data) that you’re given each month.

    8. What happens when I go over the 5gig data limit in a 30 day period?

    When running under the 5 gigabyte limit, your data speeds are at near 4gLTE speeds. This means you can watch videos, play games and enjoy all the features and functionality your new smartphone has to offer. But when you go over this, it’s called a “data cap”. They will throttle the speeds of your data connection down to 2g speeds. This is exceptionally slow and will result in a sub par internet experience. You will not be able to watch multi media video and if you’re lucky, you might be able to strea music. A great tip to avoid all this is to switch to WiFi when you’re near a WiFi signal. This means you won’t be using up your monthly allotment of mobile data.