Who is Straight Talk Wireless?

They are a multi national MVNO company that’s dedicated to bringing high quality pre-paid cellular service to the consumer market. What makes them unique is their generous allowance of the usage of Straight Talk promo codes. The thing that makes them unique is the fact that their service has the ability to switch from cell phone tower to cell phone tower to get the best possible signal for an area. For example, if you’re using a Straight Talk phone and you happen to be in an area where Tmobile coverage is spotty, the phone will automatically switch to the Verizon network. This is done seamlessly and in the background so that your service or phone call won’t be interrupted.

TracFone Wireless owns Straight Talk. So your TracFone can work with the Straight Talk network if need be. These companies purchase time, minutes and bandwidth from Verizon, Tmobile and AT&T. They are bought at a bulk discount and the savings are passed onto the consumer. This seems to be the trend for most of the MVNO carriers today. They are trying to become more and more competitive with the big cellular companies. This is making the big cellular companies very angry.

For example, Straight Talk just announced that they would be increasing the amount of bandwidth given to their users on a monthly basis. It used to be 3gigs, they changed it in 2015 to 5gigs. The extra 2 gigs go a long way in this day and age of mobile video and mobile friendly websites. Not to mention certain apps for the iPhone and Android which suck down a ton of bandwidth every single minute. A great way to avoid this is to download another app that monitors the amount of bandwidth that the other apps installed on your phone use.

Studies have shown that this simple act can increase the amount of bandwidth saved every month by over a gigabyte! Straight Talk offers a convenient way of managing your account and checking to see how much bandwidth each account is using. You can either log onto the internet and enter your username and password in order to see your account and settings and usage, or you can download their free app from iTunes or Google Play. We prefer to use the online app as it does not require the user to be logged into a computer and can actually help with suggestions on how to cut down on unnecessary data usage.

At the end, you will need to either refill your account on a monthly basis if you’re on the 1500 anytime minutes. Back in the late 1990’s they were “peak hours” that sucked down double the minutes if you talked on the phone after 4pm. They did away with this in the mid 2000’s and now with the $45 unlimited text and talk plan, you can take advantage of the 5gigs that are allotted to each account every month. The only downside to this plan is that if you go over 5gigs, your speed and service is downgraded to 2g speed. You will still be able to get data, but it will be so slow that it is essentially useless (unless you’re using certain apps that only require a minimum amount of data every month).