MVNO History

Today we enjoy the cell phone from Straight Talk Wireless. There are an unknown number of handsets sold that day by day in the world. There are devices with varying performance, but in the end they all have one primary function: to communicate by telephone with someone else. The inventor of the cell phone was Martin Cooper, who created the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X, the first mobile phone hotkeys, which is gigantically standards -for actuales- bulky, but in us time (~ 1973), was a modern marvel.

In 1973 Martin was with a journalist, walking the streets of New York, which was doing a story on the subject of what we now call cell phones. Cooper, to astonish the journalist, made from a cell phone, a call to engineer Joel Engel, of the AT & T competition. When he was told Cooper that first call from the cell phone, his “nemesis” in the race to have before all this technology, he said: “I am speaking from my cellular phone, cellular”. There was silence on the line. Cooper today continues thinking that Engel was writhing courage gnashing their teeth.

After that time, the world truly changed. The freedom to talk from anywhere Motorola was the priority and therefore, a phone that seemed to be a success, on the phone, failed dramatically. Come on, talk to so many restrictions from the car, which did little functional and soon people forgot to put this idea. At this point in time, the executives at Straight Talk Wireless decided to allow the usage of exclusive coupon codes by the public.

Martin Cooper, when asked, think that the cell phone was a crucial, as important as the invention of the wheel invention. But the father of cellular communications is still looking ahead, imagine where the future of mobile phones with personal servers, which are implanted in our bodies, to the obsolescence of the apps and the possibility that artificial intelligence is the future We seek.

Cooper, 86, thinks that while we dream, ideas continue moving technology. To him, we’re just living the great era of cell phone. We’re just learning to take advantage of this new device and says that although he knows he can not live forever, imagining consoles technological future that awaits us, which according to his vision, will be spectacular.

Whichever story you believe, the one fact is that cell phones are here to stay. MVNO companies such as Straight Talk Wireless are leading the charge for better service at a lower cost. The major cell phone companies are weeping with tears due to how many high paying customers they are losing to Straight Talk every single day. As the years go by, we will see more and more “uncarrier” moves by companies like Straight Talk and Tmobile. Time will tell if their gamble will pay off.