Straight Talk Coupons for students

The Coupons

Here are the latest coupons for 2016 for Straight Talk Wireless:

35% off your entire order:


Save 15% on certain iPhone models:


Free overnight shipping:


Free ground shipping:


iPhone deals:


Samsung Galaxy deals:


I started this blog to help other students save money by getting intelligent about how to use promotional codes for Straight Talk. The plan to saving money with Straight Talk discounts is simple. Follow these instructions to get a great deal:

      1. Cancel your current cell phone provider.


      2. Take the phone you used and head on over to the Straight Talk website to see if you can not only port over your number, but your cell phone as well.


      3. Select the $45/mo. unlimited talk, text and data plan.


      4. Use the authorized coupon codes found down below prior to paying for your purchases


      5. Take advantage of the free shipping they allow.


      6. Tally up how much money you have saved.


    7. Every month, before you pay your Straight Talk bill, be sure to check to see if there any money saving coupons that will result in a lower monthly bill.

Hello, my name is Lupe Hernandez and I’m a student at Cal State Long Beach. My family moved to America from Mexico a few years ago and we were always strapped for cash. Once I graduated high school and started college, I realized I needed to be intelligent about how I spend my time and money. I decided to cancel my Tmobile cell phone and move to Straight Talk Wireless. Over the course of 12 months, I saved $3,500 by essentially cutting my wireless bill in half.


I did this by logging every single discount code that Straight Talk has to offer. I then looked at the expiration dates of the codes, and determined if they would stack. “Stacking coupons” is a term used in the coupon industry. It means that the manufacturer will allow you to use more than one on your purchase. Sometimes this is due to human error: The manufacturer forgets that they are allowing more than one promo code to be used on any given purchase. Other times it is done on purpose, but not well thought out. I sometimes browse such sites as, a coupon forum. There are like minded people there who spend as much time as I do in our quest to save money online. You can find some pretty killer deals there.

You can also manage your monthly cell phone bill by creating an online account with Straight Talk and monitoring any promotions or deals they may have going on. From time to time, they offer unadvertised deals to their current and returning customers. These deals can range from free overnight shipping for purchasing a refurbished iPhone5 to a percentage off your total purchase of minutes every month. The $45 unlimited talk and text plan is a static cost. You might get lucky every now and then and find a deal that would give you $10 off your monthly bill, but those are rare and only come around once or twice a year.

If you are serious about saving money on your wireless cell phone bill, bookmark this website. I will be giving you tips, tricks and hints on how to save money. You can use my special calculator to determine which deal combinations will wind up saving you the most money.